Groove Acts

We know how much you love a good ambience, so gather your friends and catch these live bands together as they serenade you with your favourite tunes!

Iwee & Friends



8.00pm onwards


8.30pm onwards



at Harry's Dempsey Hill
Weekly Quiz Nights at Harry's!

From 7.30pm


Every Wednesday - Boat Quay 

Join us for some fun and rewarding quiz nights! Stand a chance to win a complimentary bucket of beer! 


Make your reservations via to receive a complimentary half pint of Carlsberg (for each pax) during your visit! 


at Harry's Boat Quay, at Harry's South Beach
Iwee & Friends

Wednesdays & Thursdays

7.30pm onwards


at Harry's Riverside Point
Comedy Nights @ Harry's

They say laughter is the best medicine, and we’ve got just the prescription for you right here — comedy nights. 
Gather your troops for a drinking and laughing sesh at Harry's Boat Quay! 


No Upcoming Show For Now

Visit or for more information!

at Harry's Boat Quay
  • Iwee & Friends
  • Weekly Quiz Nights at Harry's!
  • Iwee & Friends
  • Comedy Nights @ Harry's

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